Protean Instrument uses two types of gas-flow proportional detectors. Both models were designed and manufactured by Protean. These detectors require a steady supply of industrial grade P-10 (10% methane and 90% argon) counting gas. Flow rates vary based on the detector, ranging between 60–150 cc/min at 10 psi pressure.

Pancake Detector

The pancake design is used in the WPC-1050, WPC-1150-Series, and the MDS-Series. It is an ultra-thin window design and must be operated with a window in place.


Hemispherical Detector

The hemispherical detector is designed for windowless operation, but can also be operated with an ultra-thin window in place. The Protean windowless detector is designed for easy cleaning, with a smooth plated interior surface that minimizes trapping points. The detector anode wire can be easily cleaned or replaced by the user without disassembling the shield. The hemispherical detector is used in the IPC-650-Series, MPC-900-GFW, MPC-900-GFL, and the MPC-1000-Series.