Models: MDS-4, MDS-8, MDS-12, MDS-16


The Multi-Detector System (MDS) is a built-up system consisting of one or more fully modular MPC-9604 detector subsystems connected to a PC running Protean's Vista 2000 Radio-Chemistry Applications software. The MDS is a third-generation, multi-detector, low-background system for low-level background alpha/beta counting. The MDS is the very best system available for applications requiring high sample throughput and high sensitivity. Laboratories measuring strontium (Sr) in drinking water, for example, often have many samples that require count times of several hours. Using one or more MPC-9604 four-detector subsystems in parallel, the MDS can maintain very high sample throughput without sacrificing counting sensitivity.


The MDS combines several critical features into one system. It has the lowest background performance in the industry for this system type. MPC-9604 subsystems are supported by a single PC running appropriate Protean control software. Each detector in the MPC-9604 has its own individual sample drawer, making sample loading and control completely independent. There are no interrupted counts on adjacent detectors when any sample drawer is opened in the system. The MDS also supports true count to MDA, so counting time can be automatically optimized for each sample. Gas-Pro™ monitors the MDS for any P-10 gas fault and halts counting until it is corrected. The MDS is designed to minimize down time and to maximize counting efficiency in every possible way. It has the best maintenance features available in a multi-detector system. Detectors and detector windows are completely accessible from the front, without lifting a single lead brick. With no practice a detector window can be changed in less than 10 minutes, while leaving other detectors in the system operating. Every single electronic module is accessible from the front of the system; no rear access is required.

The MDS also has improved inter-detector shielding. Older designs usually have little or no shielding between detectors. The MDS has about 5.1 cm (2 in.) of shielding between adjacent detectors, virtually eliminating counts from hotter-than-expected samples in nearby detectors.

The MDS is supplied as a true, turn-key system. It consists of one or more MPC-9604 detector subsystems, a controller PC with Windows™ operating system, and Protean application software. Protean control software is fully compatible with Windows XP™ and Windows 2000 Professional™. Protean control software does not require current or outdated versions of any spreadsheet or database applications in order to run. Each MPC-9604 unit contains four completely independent detectors, a guard detector, lead shielding, and all support electronics for that unit. The design of the MPC-9604 and control software allow easy expansion in the field. Each MPC-9604 subsystem is electronically self supporting. The only connections needed are to the PC, the P-10 gas supply, and AC power. Since the MDS is so easily expanded, you can start with a 4 or 8 detector system, and add more detectors at any time.


Specifications for MDS-4

Consisting of one MPC-9604, a Computer, and Vista 2000 Control Software

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  Sample Changer Manual
  Number of Detectors 4 + 1 guard
  Counter Ultra-Low background
  Sample Size 5.1 cm (2 in.) Dia.
  Interface Remote PC
  Size 5.7 cm (2.3 in.) Dia.
  Type Pancake style gas flow proportional
  Window Aluminized, 80 µg/cm²
  Guard Detector Large Area Gas Flow Proportional
  Counting Gas P-10, 60 cc/min @ 10 psi
  Gas-Pro Protection Yes
  Shielding 10.2 cm (4 in.) thick
  Size 5.1 cm (2 in.) Planchets
  Capacity 4
  Depth 1/8, 1/4, 5/16 inch
  Data Export RS-232
  Type Remote PC
  Compatible Software Vista 2000
  Alpha Background 0.05 cpm        0.06 cpm
  Beta Background 0.7 cpm          0.75 cpm
  Po210 Efficiency 40%
  Am241 Efficiency 40%
  Th230 Efficiency 40%
  Sr90/Y90 Efficiency 55%
  Tc99 Efficiency 35%
  Cs137 Efficiency 40%
  Alpha-Beta Crosstalk < 0.1%
  Beta-Alpha Crosstalk < 0.1%
  Count Modes Alpha only, Alpha/Beta simultaneously
  Size 40.6 X 81.3 X 40.6 cm (16 X 32 X 16 in.) (HxWxD) / MPC-9604

545 kg (1200 lb) / MPC-9604 


Compatible Protean Application Software Packages

  • Vista 2000 Radio-Chemistry Applications Software