Smear counting is often managed by a health physics group or radiation safety group. The same characteristics that make a system suitable for health physics operations apply to systems used for smear counting. The difference is that a smear counter is often used to count many hundreds to thousands of smears each week, printed reports are often not required, yet sample results must be clearly visible as the samples are counted. Often a large number of technicians must use the system, with a minimum of training. The large number of samples counted mean system reliability and ease of maintenance are especially critical.

Many departments doing smear counting today have systems purchased 15-20 years ago that are aging, difficult and expensive to maintain, and must be replaced in the near future. Protean Instrument Corporation is uniquely qualified to supply high reliability, high production smear counters, since the founders of Protean were responsible for designing and building most of the classic LB5100 "dual rail" systems used for smear counting today. The WPC-9550 is a direct descendant of the classic LB5100 systems. It retains the simple user interface of the LB5100 systems, and is updated with additional features, greatly improved performance, tremendously easier maintenance, and no loss of critical features! The standard WPC-9550 and the MPC-2000 are excellent choices for smear counting applications.

All of the systems below have these features in common:

    Gas flow proportional detector with an ultra-thin, user replaceable window.
    Front access for all electronic maintenance
    Front or side access for window replacement
    No lead lifting for window replacement
    Simultaneous console/PC control
    Completely modular electronics (no large mother boards!)
    Gas PRO fail safe counting protection
    Loss Free Counting

Each model also has unique individual features: