Radiochemistry applications require systems that can maintain high sample throughput with very high counting sensitivity. Drinking water samples are often counted to detect extremely low activity levels, and the samples often contain background levels of activity. Three characteristics are critical for a system used in the radiochemistry lab:

    Ultra-low background
    Extremely high detector efficiency
    Extremely high sample counting efficiency

Protean Instrument Corporation manufactures two systems that are ideal for radiochemistry applications. Both meet the above criteria, but in different ways.

Protean's MDS is a third generation multi-detector system. It achieves extremely high sample counting efficiency by placing many ultra-low background detectors in a very small space. Each sample drawer is completely independent and can be loaded and unloaded without interrupting other detectors in the system. The system supports count to MDA (minimum detectable activity) for each detector separately. The combination of high detector density, complete detector independence, and count to MDA make the MDS the most efficient multi-detector system available.

Protean's IPC-9025 achieves ultrahigh performance by combing the lowest background available in any system, with super efficient windowless operation, and an automatic sample changer. Operating in windowless mode, the IPC-9025 can reach counting efficiencies of greater than 60% for Sr90 in a 5/16 inch planchet. Systems with an ultra-thin window can only reach 35–40% Sr90 efficiency in a 5/16 inch planchet. Windowless efficiency for Ni63 is greater than 45% in a 5/16 inch planchet, compared to 3% for a windowed system at the same depth. Alpha efficiency also increases by a substantial amount. Th230 for example, increases from 25% to 49% in a 5/16 inch planchet. The IPC-9025 also has count to MDA. With count to MDA and windowless operation the IPC-9025 can deliver the same sample throughput as a 4 detector manual system.

All of the systems below have these features in common:

    Gas flow proportional detector with an ultra-thin, user replaceable window
    Front access for all electronic maintenance
    Front or side access for window replacement
    No lead lifting for window replacement
    Completely modular electronics (no large motherboards)
    Gas PRO fail-safe counting protection
    Loss-free counting

Each model also has unique individual features.