PIC Applications is included at no charge with several of our counting systems. It consists of two independent components, PIC Communicator and PIC Routines. PIC Communicator is designed for one task, to download data from the counting system to a PC and save the data in a CSV format. It does not offer control, calibration, or programming of the counting system in any form. From the PC file, the data can be read into any application compatible with the CSV format. This includes applications such as spreadsheets, databases, or report generators. The data format is simple and requires no database knowledge to interpret. PIC Communicator allows up to eight systems to be connected to a single PC. Sample, calibration, and plateau data can be individually selected. The data can be directed to a printer in a tabular format as well.

The companion application included with PIC Communicator is PIC Routines. This application is an MS Excel template, which directly connects to the PIC Communicator file, and then allows basic analysis and reporting.

PIC Communicator is not intended to compete with operation specific applications like Vista FC and Vista 2000. However, in many labs today they are quite useful when data analysis and reporting is done from in-house applications, or through an LIMS, (Laboratory Information Management System). In these cases, fast and easy access to unprocessed data is desired, which is exactly what PIC Communicator delivers.