Health Physics

Health physics professionals need a system that has high sample throughput, is mechanically reliable, electronically dependable, and easy to use.The training requirements for an HP system can be challenging. A site may have a large number of contract users, who must be trained very quickly. HP managers also need a system with flexible data connectivity, so sample data can be transferred easily to a LIMS or other application for analysis and reporting.

Many HP departments today have systems purchased 15-20 years ago that must be replaced. Protean Instrument Corporation is uniquely qualified to supply replacement systems, since the founders of Protean were responsible for designing and building most of the classic LB5100 "dual rail" systems in use today. The WPC-9550 and is the direct descendant of these classic systems, The WPC-9550 has greatly improved performance, tremendously improved maintenance, and no loss of the critical features you've come to depend on with a classic system!

Health Physics applications often require screening very large numbers of samples at relatively high activity levels. Cleanup sites often have release limits of 20 DPM alpha and 200 to 1000 DPM beta. At these levels a system with ultra-low background, like the WPC-9550, is not really needed. What is needed is a very fast counting system. Protean's ASC (Automatic Swipe Counter) is the perfect answer. The ASC uses the same control hardware as the WPC-9550 and MPC-2000, and is coupled to a sample changer that cycles about three times faster than any automatic system on the market. The ASC is also smaller and lighter than the WPC-9550. The counting performance is identical for alpha background and efficiency. Beta efficiency is the same, but beta background is typically in the 40-50 CPM range. Due to the high sample change speed, the ASC can actually count large numbers of samples faster than the WPC-9550.

Protean's MPC-2000 is also excellent for health physics use. It is a full featured desktop instrument that is ideal for remote sites, portals, or any use where the sample volume is low. The MPC-2000 also shares the same user interface as the WPC-9550 and ASC, and in general has the same interface options. It also has the same detector options as the ASC.

The WPC-9550, ASC, and MPC-2000 have these features in common:

Gas flow proportional detector with an ultra-thin, user replaceable window.
Front access for all electronic maintenance
Front or side access for window replacement
No lead lifting for window replacement
Completely modular electronics (no large mother boards!)
Gas PRO fail safe counting protection
Loss Free Counting

Each model also has unique individual features: